Childs Hill & Claremont Federation
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Childs Hill and Claremont Federation

Childs Hill and Claremont Primary Academies, both proud members of The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust (TEFAT), are only minutes away from one another in the heart of NW2. The two schools federated in 2019. 

The partnership is thriving and is ensuring that the children and families within our community have access to education and support that make a genuine difference. Learning, both academically and developmentally, is at the core of our work. This takes on many forms and we therefore work flexibility and patiently with empathy and understanding. The school community we have built is welcoming and inclusive, children’s needs are recognised and supported, but this never dilutes aspiration. We aim high and set ambitious goals for all. 

Our federation works closely with our families and a range of family support services because the school community does not stop at the school gates. We regard parents, carers, colleagues from other services and the wider community as partners at both an individual pupil and at a whole school level. Childs Hill and Claremont academies are regarded by our families as more than just schools and we see our role within this community as greater than what happens in our classrooms. 

The future of our young people depends upon us providing the best possible start for each of them. Our ABC curriculum recognises the different elements of child development, the broad range of knowledge, skills and abilities that combine to create a successful person. It also acknowledges and promotes the idea that not success is not measured in the same way for everyone. Our children excel in different areas of the curriculum, achieve different outcomes and achieve a diverse range of targets and goals. They are individuals who know it’s ok to be different. 

Please take some time to explore the Childs Hill and Claremont Primary Academy websites and get in touch with us if you would like further information or to come and visit us.  

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