Childs Hill & Claremont Federation

Message from the Executive Headteacher & Head of School

Claremont Primary has been a proud member of the Elliot Foundation since 2016. We work closely with other local TEFAT schools, the Hyde and Parkfield, but work in a formal partnership with our sister school Childs Hill. The CHC (Childs Hill & Claremont) Primary Federation is the coming together of two community minded, inclusive, ambitious and creative schools who have formed a bond that is making a real difference to children’s lives and futures. We like to say CHC Federation is ‘making good things happen in NW2’...Because it’s true! 

Under the leadership of the Executive Headteacher, Dan Hawkins (who has been headteacher at Childs Hill since 2012) Claremont is now a popular, vibrant and welcoming school. It is proud of its innovative curriculum offer, which is as easy as ABC! Every child is supported in developing their Academic ME, Being ME and Creative ME including the pupils who attend the school’s specialist ARP (Additional Resource Provision for autism). The ARP is known as Pathways, which was first at Childs Hill and now has a second site within our federation at Claremont, is part of our school that we are quite rightly very proud of. 

Our federation aims to achieve a clear and simple goal. We teach all of our children to value their learning, to be proud of themselves and to empathise with others. We ensure they see the worth and transformative power of creativity. We invest in their future now.

If you would like to visit us and see us in action, please book here and to reserve a place on our next tour.

Dan Hawkins

Executive Headteacher

Childs Hill & Claremont Federation

Message from Head of School

Welcome to Claremont Primary School. Our school is based in the vibrant and diverse community of Cricklewood, North West London.

We provide a rich and exciting curriculum to develop the confidence and enthusiasm for learning that aims to take our pupils through secondary school and beyond.

Our staff refuse to accept that where a child starts should be a barrier to how well they do or the aspirations that they have. We strive to ensure our children make the best progress possible and are committed to work alongside parents and engage our communities in what we do.

We are part of the CHC Federation alongside Childs Hill, sharing expertise and a passion for creating a fantastic place for children to learn. We work closely to develop a curriculum offer which will inspire our learners and one which is innovative and inclusive.

We welcome visits and provide monthly tours whilst the school is in session so that you can see our happy, motivated children first hand.

Head of School 

Sally Neaves