Childs Hill & Claremont Federation

Foundation Stage

Welcome from Early Years at Claremont Primary School. I consider it an immense honour to be in charge of such a fantastic Early Years provision within the school, and to be able to make sure that every child has the best start to their learning.

My team and I are invested in making sure everyone feels comfortable, safe, and most importantly, eager to come to school, so they can take advantage of all the new and exciting learning we have to offer. We recognise that entering school is a significant milestone in your child's life, therefore we offer stay-and-play sessions and home visits to get to know your child before they start in September. We strive to make the transition into Claremont as seamless as possible.

We appreciate that every child develops at their own pace and we take pride in being inclusive. To maximise on our children's engagement and passion for learning, they need to be given the chance to form meaningful relationships and interactions with their peers and adults in the setting .

Our dedicated and professional team are passionate and committed to providing the best possible early learning experiences and care for your child. We aim to nurture young minds and provide a safe and stimulating environment for all children to learn, grow and thrive, where all the children’s abilities and ideas are valued.

My team and I look forward to working closely with you all on this exciting journey of your children’s learning!

- Nasim Ahmad - Assistant Headteacher & EYFS Lead