Childs Hill & Claremont Federation


Claremont Primary School received a Good Ofsted rating in May 2024. The full report can be downloaded below. Some of the highlights from this report include:


Pupils enjoy school and they are enthusiastic to learn. Teachers have a secure knowledge of the subjects that they teach. In class, teaching engages pupils and sparks their imagination. Pupils show a strong understanding of key knowledge, for example significant periods throughout history, such as the Roman Empire and the Anglo-Saxons.


The school has designed a broad and balanced curriculum that

is ambitious for all the pupils in the school, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Pupils with SEND in the ARP are widely included in the life of the school. The school also supports pupils with SEND in the mainstream to access the curriculum by adapting teaching and resources.


In addition to teaching knowledge that pupils need for their next steps, leaders also foster pupils’ creativity, and their physical and emotional well-being. This is achieved, in part, through the leadership opportunities available to pupils. For example, learning champions contribute towards learning in class, well-being ambassadors support pupils’ mental health and eco-warriors help the school community to take care of the environment.


Pupils interact respectfully and in a friendly way with each other here. Leaders have high expectations for all pupils. Pupils enjoy school and they are enthusiastic to learn. They are safe here. Leaders encourage pupils to build strong relationships with their peers and resolve conflict when it occurs. In the early years, children develop their independence and behave sensibly.

Ofsted Report 2024