Childs Hill & Claremont Federation

Our Green Commitment

The TEFAT Green Curriculum is arranged around four interlinking sustainability themes and each Academy is committed to reflect one theme in their own setting.  These are Green Systems, Green Regeneration and Diversity, Green Communities and Green Citizens.

This is a way of teaching and learning that puts the environment and sustainability at the heart of the curriculum.

Our Claremont Curriculum Commitment in 2023-24 is Green Systems. 

What is the aim of our pledge?

-Adapting a space and making it green

-Reduce, repair, reuse and recycle

How are we going to achieve it?

We will find ways to improve our local environment.

-Litter picking workshops

-Planting wild areas/ raised flower beds/ planters & pots/grow our own vegetable around school.

-Create an outdoor kitchen where we can cook our own produce and bread.

-Introduce recycle bins and ensure energy is saved by monitoring our usage. Power down day.

-Teachers will include at least 1 aspect of the Green Curriculum into their planning.

-Share planning resources for various websites and various ideas

-Create and maintain a green garden to grow our own vegetables. Our kitchen team can cook the food. We have some sponsorship money from Argent

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