Childs Hill & Claremont Federation
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Meet the Staff

Headship Team

1005ADan Hawkins Executive Headteacher
0006 ip Sally NeavesSally Neaves Head of School
0037 ip Amy GriffenAmy Griffin Deputy Head of School
Nasim Ahmad (1)Nasim Ahmad EYFS & KS1 Assisant Headteacher
1008AAssistant Headteacher & Inclusion Lead
1078AKat Flynn Head of ARP
1025ADeidre Branningan Assistant Head ARP
Jo EYFS Lead & Reception Class Teacher
Sarah Reception Class Teacher
Wendy Nursery Teacher
Mamak Baloch  Teaching Assistant
Zlatina Bakardzhieva  Teaching Assistant
Tricia Bennai Nursery Nurse
Jan Cairns  Nursery Nurse
Silvia Santos  Early Years Apprentice


Key Stage 1 Team
Ema Y1 Class Teacher
Aisha Y1 Class Teacher
Alison KS1 Phase Leader & Y2 Class Teacher
Leah Y2 Class Teacher


Key Stage 2 Team 

Lauren Y3 Class Teacher
Olivia Y3 Class Teacher
Will Y4 Class Teacher
Ruth & Samreen Y5 Class Teacher
Rosa Y6 Class Teacher
Demi Upper KS2 Phase Leader & Year 6 Class Teacher
Stephanie Bharadia Lower KS2 Teaching Assistant
Jane Bouchier Lower KS2 Teaching Assistant
Tunde Dudas Lower KS2 Teaching Assistant
Sandra Ryan Lower KS2 Teaching Assistant
Chibuzo Ikeogu Upper KS2 Teaching Assistant
Marina Jarvis Upper KS2 Teaching Assistant
Michelle Johnson Upper KS2 Teaching Assistant


Pathways Team (ARP)
Mai Planets Class Teacher
Ben Stars Class Teacher
Zamira Laci Teaching Assistant
Sinead Nevin Teaching Assistant
Farkhanda Gheasuddin Teaching Assistant
Emily Scott Teaching Assistant


Inclusion Team 
Luke Ward  Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion)
Jalpa Lalji Assistant SENCO
Radhia Ashik SEN Administrator
Sarah Nicholls Senior Learning Mentor 
Michelle Golan  Pastoral Officer
Sharon Elliott  Welfare Officer


Support Team
Maddy Carty Music Specialists
Josh Burton Sports Coach
Aiden Williams Sports Coach
Charlotte Lucey Support Teacher


Admin & Premises Staff

Fiona Rafter  School Business Manager - HR
Patricia Sweeney  School Business Manager - Finance
Fabiha Ashik Admissions & Communications Manager
Faizah Rahman Administrator
James Higgins Administrator 
Alex Scott Premises Manager & ICT Support

Latest Tweets

@claremont_nw2 - February 20
Join Kids Cycle up at Clitterhouse Farm this Saturday 12-3 (and every last Saturday of each month). Bring your family, your bikes and an appetite for some of the best home baked goods in north London. The cycling group is FREE OF CHARGE. 😊See you then! 🚴🚴🚴
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@claremont_nw2 - December 2
Keep the donations coming!! Thank you!
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@claremont_nw2 - November 28
Our Year 2 children are learning about Hanukkah. We will share this book list - thank you!
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@claremont_nw2 - November 28
We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!
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@claremont_nw2 - November 28
Great idea for our local community!
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@claremont_nw2 - November 23
A great opportunity for us all to get active after school
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@claremont_nw2 - November 23
With your support, we can roll out this initiative to Claremont and even more schools in the Foundation
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@claremont_nw2 - November 17
This has been a pilot scheme in 7 TEFAT schools. The aim is for it to be rolled out at Claremont soon too...
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@claremont_nw2 - October 7
Parents, you might find this service helpful...
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@claremont_nw2 - October 7
A beautiful space that we are lucky to have on our doorstep
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@claremont_nw2 - September 23
We are excited to be registering for this event 🎶
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@claremont_nw2 - September 23
Lots of support for our ex pupils starting We miss you, but wish you all the best at secondary school :)
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@claremont_nw2 - September 22
We love to get creative at school. Why not get creative in your local park or garden...
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@claremont_nw2 - September 22
Wow! Free digital magazines and newspapers!!
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@claremont_nw2 - September 22
Check out this video to help you support your child with balancing screen time and other activities that can be done at home...
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@claremont_nw2 - September 22
Year 6 dissected hearts today! They are learning about the circulatory system and how to describe the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood... an unforgettable learning experience!
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@claremont_nw2 - September 22
On Tuesdays, we have our Golden Stars Assembly. Ask your child how they can be a golden star winner...
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