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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum at Claremont Primary School is as easy as... ABC!

We believe all young people have a bright future ahead of them and we know that it is our job to help them get there.  By making sure they know their ABC, we offer every single child a bright future.

A is for Academic Me

The children have English and maths lessons every morning, PE twice a week and computing once a week.

Books that interest the children are used to provide an example of good writing and to inspire them to write in a similar style.  The children have regular reading sessions with their teacher, where they get the opportunity to talk about what they have read and understood.  Lower down the school, in EYFS, the children are given the opportunity to explore traditional tales and nursery rhymes.

Across the whole school, maths lessons are centred on building a deep understanding, confidence and competency.  The children are becoming assured, happy and resilient mathematicians, who relish the challenge.  They are being taught to be independent, reflective thinkers, whose skills not only liberate them in maths, but also support them across the curriculum.

B is for Being Me

Wellbeing Wednesday is part of the children's weekly timetable. Every Wednesday afternoon, the children have a lesson which focuses on the zones of regulation.  The children then have the rest of the afternoon to complete an activity of their choice to support their wellbeing.  This may be related to another subject such as, art, PE and DT, for example. Elsewhere in the curriculum, there is an opportunity for the children to focus on the three key themes of health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.  All of this is supported alongside the restorative approach and emotion coaching - both of which are supporting the staff and children to be the best that they can be.

C is for Creative Me

This is where the children’s creativity is nurtured and developed through subjects such as; Science, History, Geography, DT, RE and Art. For Science it's Discovery, for History it's Civilisations, for Geography it's Exploration, for RE it's Believing, for DT it's Creating and for art it's Expression. What the children learn is a balance of their natural curiosity about the world around them and the objectives set by the National Curriculum. It is an exciting time where the children engage in learning experiences that they will never forget.