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Autism Acceptance Week 2022

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28th Mar 2022

Across our federation, we celebrated Autism Acceptance Week. Autism Acceptance simply means accepting and embracing Autism.

It is about recognising how everyone is different in their own way. Autistic children and their families just want to be understood, supported and accepted in their communities, schools and workplaces.  

This year’s theme was, ‘Everyone’s an Expert’. On Friday 1st April, all children had the opportunity to come to school wearing clothes that represented their ‘expert’ subject. We had all sorts of experts… football fans, Disney fans, game console fans, chefs, Marvel fans, DC Comic fans and the list goes on! 

Our Autistic Resource Provision, Pathways, made Easter Egg Goody Bags and sold these to our families. Across our federation, we raised just over £400!
All money raised will go towards enhancing our provisions across the federation.

Thank you to everyone who donated, it was a great way to end the week